The family of Late Shaheed Capt. D. K. Khola has always imbibed a deep rooted belief in the value of education. They regarded it as the best investment a country can make in  the knowledge era of coming times an educational system that is up-to-date, competitive and cuts across all barriers, and which ultimately enables a society to develop, assimilate and sustain a technology driven lifestyle. Ultimately this results in the transformation of population burden into human resource, a truly renewable resource.

At Shaheed Capt. D. K. Khola College we are single minded in our mission of preparing individuals for a lif of leadership in this ever-changing world.  With the advent of time, the college caterpillar has come out of its cocoon and is rapidly evolving into a spectacular butterfly, we are in the middle of miraculous metamorphosis, with total commitment to excellence and have developed a” Culture of Quality”. It is our endeavor to deliver state-of-the-art futuristic programs, by adopting the best techniques and technology in accordance with latest industry standards. Our aims are focused we are teaching institution called to rise up a generation of leaders to go and change the world.

Finally, we must remember   to inculcate an infantile belief in the possibility of getting out of life what we want. Then only we can make a difference and hope for a tomorrow better than today.

Smt. Banarsi Devi